Live group courses and strategic consultancy

For self-learner entrepreneurs and

business owners driven by social impact

Marketing, Lead Generation and Mentoring Programme

8-week live online programme

6 to 8 people maximum

More than just an online course, in this mentoring live programme I will act as your marketing accountability partner. You’ll benefit from the peer-to-peer dynamic as well as from individual sessions with me and will build your lead gen strategy in no time.

This programme is for self-learner business owners who want to get things done while benefitting from the collective intelligence.

A combination of individual and group sessions to discuss growth and digital marketing strategy to increase lead generation for your business. 

We’ll spend two months together to give you the knowledge, the inspiration and the confidence to take your marketing and your business to the next level.

  • 3 one to one sessions with me.
  • 5 group training and brainstorming on digital marketing and growth
  • Online community with your own channel on Slack
  • Illimited support via email
  • Learning from and with like-minded entrepreneurs.

This programme is for entrepreneurs and small business owners driven by the passion to make a positive difference in the world and in need to guidance, expertise and peer-to-peer support.

For the most autonomous just in need of more structure: look at my tools and templates


Get your marketing together with dream-like templates to organise your plan.

The templates to build your marketing strategy (including your market research) and to manage its implementation, effortlessly.

Receive access to the templates I use when I start working on a new project, using a combination of Google Docs and Airtable, an amazing free online tool.

From my powerpoint templates to do the audit and brainstorm the content strategy to the Airtable template I created to log and track everything from the keyword research to the social media calendar.

For the people who like clean organised stuff, this is heaven!

  • All in one place
  • Super easy to use
  • Dynamic records
  • Completely customisable
  • Switch from grid view to calendar view or trello-type view in a click

In my opinion, Airtable is the best hybrid tool between excel and trello.

It can be used as a directory, to do list, project management, content calendar, and so much more.


Working with purpose-driven organisations, I have experience setting Inbound Marketing Strategies in various industry, including: Neuroscience and Psychology ; Mental Health in Schools ; Yoga ; Education ; Alternative Medicine and Events.

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