The Impact accountability club

Co-development workshops, mastermind and accountability with like-minded people

“I believe in the power of the group to inspire people, solve problems and make things better – for their own good and the good of the community.” 

Cécile Dhour, founder of the Impact Accountability Club

Your Success Matters

For the ambitious people on a journey to personal and professional fulfilment.

For those who believe in themselves, but know they will achieve more with a group.

For the people with a meaningful project who need a little nudge and support to bring their project to the next level.

Why you should join

→ To generate ideas, co-create and grow projects.

Sharing with like-minded people will make you learn from their experiences and perspectives which will probably trigger lots of new ideas for yourself. The power of the group can be an incredible stimulating tool to generate ideas for your project.

→ To discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions

Together with the rewarding moments of achievement, one’s entrepreneurial journey is often full of crossroads, bottlenecks and obstacles. Well, the Impact Accountability Club is there to hear about those and to brainstorm solutions with you. Whether you want to reflect on business strategies, marketing, team management, the imposter syndrome or your financial goals – bring it to the group and let’s talk it out.

→ To set goals and be held accountable

Share your goals and action plan to the group, and be held accountable at each meeting as well as during the regular in-between meetings online. We’re all on the same boat, and we’ll progress together.

Join a group of 6 to 8 curated like-minded people. Meet monthly. Discuss, get advice, and learn from each other. Be held accountable. Track your progress. Celebrate your success.

📍 Meetings are held in Camden, London UK.

🌖 Choose a morning group (Fridays – 9 am to 12 pm)

🌜or an evening group (Mondays – 4 pm to 7 pm).

Other slots can be added if there is enough demand.

The Business Accountability Club

For Small Business Owners and Impact Entrepreneurs


Building, launching and growing a small business is one of the most rewarding things that can be. Bringing an idea to life and witnessing what was once just in our heads develop into a project in real life is so exciting.

We can do that alone. A lot of people do.

But I strongly believe that most people would go further with their project with a little bit of regular help from others.

With the Business & Personal Growth membership, you’ll be able to discuss Business Strategy, Marketing, Productivity, Management, Personal fears, Limiting beliefs, Financial goals and much more with a carefully curated group of like-minded people.

🤩 A Monthly Membership

SEPT/OCT 2022: PILOT OFFER, 2 MONTHS FREE! Limited offer. First arrived first served basis.

✅ 3-hour monthly face-to-face meetings

(Full online options coming soon, upon request)

→ Deep Work & Strategy Sessions

→ Co-Development Hot Seat Workshops;

→ Group Accountability Time

→ Monthly Masterclasses, Talks or Training on topics of interest for the group

✅ Weekly check-ins

✅ An online community group

✅ Unlimited support via Email or Chat

Try the club for free (instead of £119 per month).

SEPT/OCT 2022: PILOT OFFER, test the club for free. Limited places. First arrived first served basis.

Life Purpose and Self Exploration Programme

for Individuals in Search of a Greater Meaning

I strongly believe in regular self-exploration, curiosity and personal growth. We don’t need to question who we are continuously; however, I believe we should do a deep personal check-up regularly in order to stay true to ourselves and keep growing.

If this is the year when you think you need do it, join us for a fun and profound 4-month self-exploration programme.

This membership will take you through a series of workshops to find your Ikigai, build your vision board, define your strength, define your values, think out of the box, explore untapped parts of yourself, build a new career project plan; and so much more.

🙌🏼 A four-month programme

✅ Four 2-hour face-to-face workshops (Once a month). 

(Full online options coming soon, upon request)

→ Co-development & Introspective workshops;

→ Sharing Circles and Accountability sessions

✅ Weekly self-growth digest

An online community group

✅ Unlimited support via Email or Chat

Join the programme for £396 only (or £99 per month) and make your personal fulfilment a priority with the support of like-minded individuals.

How to sign-up?


Click on ‘Register Interest and Join a Group’


Complete your sign-up


Fill-in the 2-minute questionnaire to arrange the details so you can be assigned to the right group for you!

Coaching, Mentoring, Co-working – there’s already a lot out there. So why choose to do it with me and the Impact Accountability Club?

After 7 years in Marketing, 3 years freelancing and 2 years on the board of a french environmental charity, I learned something big about myself.

I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I am inspired by those with a passion project.

And I am fascinated by what we can achieve when we work as a group.

More than Marketing, what I really like doing is facilitating workshops and having deep meaningful conversations on how to make a project happen and get stuff done.

Often, what slows down a project is not the lack of skills. Any skills can be learned or delegated. It’s the fears, the time management issues, the not knowing who to ask.

In order to develop my own freelancing business as a Marketing Consultant, I tried different things.

I had a mentor for a few months.

I took part in two co-development workshops.

I had an accountability partner with fortnight calls for a year.

I had 6 coaching sessions with someone in the process of getting certified.

To be honest, I loved it all. Everything helped in its own way.

But it was quite inconsistent, unplanned and unstructured.

So when I realised that what I really want to do is to help small businesses grow, beyond helping them with marketing, I decided to blend all of the above and to create the Impact Accountability Club.

A membership for small business owners and solopreneurs, with weekly meetings, accountability, co-development workshops, group sessions and masterclasses.

The best of all worlds!

So if you’re ready to learn more and test it for yourself, register your interest here.

Cécile Dhour,

You like the idea but not ready to sign-up yet?

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