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When I started working in marketing, I used to spend a lot of time online, learning about best practices and trying to find guidance on ‘where I should start from’.   

Promoting a business online can be overwhelming.  

There is so much to do and to think about that we can easily be tempted to jump into operational tasks, and to start thinking about your website and posting on social media without having even finished (or started) your market research and marketing strategy.

We have everything in our head. We have an intuition about our target audience. We have an intuition of what competitors do online. We have an intuition of what our website will be or what content we should post, and we jump straight into it.  

Stop putting the cart before the horse  

I was guilty of making this mistake and being operational too quickly. ‘There is no time to waste’. ‘We need to get revenue in’. ‘We learn by doing anyway’.   

The problem is that… without proper research and without a plan, everything becomes exhausting quickly. We do most of our marketing initiative in a ad hoc basis; we realise that we didn’t think through our website sufficiently and need to re-do it. We take decisions which we overwrite every other day because ‘another opportunity’ came up, or we ‘learned something new”…  

The truth is, our marketing efforts are often messy, our minds are cluttered with thoughts and idea, and our energy gets drained trying to rethink the wheel every day.  

This is why I always loved workbooks and templates: they guided me and gave me a structure to follow. They are often quite visual, organised and practical.   

I loved downloading calendar templates on Excel, marketing strategy templates on Word, buyer persona templates on Power Point. But then again, I needed a tool to help me project manage this and to support me in the implementation of it all.. 

So I tried other tools like my own Bullet Journal, To do list or Trello… I first fell in love with them as they helped me manage my tasks a bit better. But they quickly felt incomplete to me… until I discovered Airtable.

Get an overview of my Marketing Template on Airtable in 5 minutes

Airtable, a free project management tool, hybrid between Excel (but better) and Trello (with the Kanban and calendar view) 

So I browsed the Airtable template library (feel free to do it too, if you wish!) which proved to be a great source of inspiration, and then I built my own. I quickly started to use it to manage my clients’ Inbound Marketing projects, to manage their competitive benchmarking, to build their content calendar and to integrate with our Google docs where more detailed information could be found (because there are still a few things that can only be done on a proper page or slide!). 

Everything is in one place. It’s collaborative. It’s dynamic. It became indispensable.

A few projects later, the templates became so developed that I could not contemplate running projects without them now. Everything is in one place. My clients and team members can log on and collaborate too.

It is just amazing and then I thought: I need to share it with other marketers and entrepreneurs who might need it for themselves.   

What’s included

1x  airtable base template, including the following tabs:

– The project docs list, Persona, Benchmark, SEO and Keywords research, Content calendar, Content reporting

2x Google slides, including

– Marketing strategy power point template

– Benchmark report

– Persona presentation


You’ve now got two options

If you have read the above and watched the video, you most likely want to try Airtable for yourself, and you’re right. You have two amazing options to choose from:

1. Below, you can view the template I built. You can then go to Airtable and replicate it yourself.

Pro’s: it’s free.

Con’s: It might take you hours to build, you might miss out on features and you won’t get the Google Docs templates.

2. I can give you access to my Airtable Base and you can duplicate it for you, all set-up. 


  • You get a killer project management tool, ready to be used, in a couple of seconds.
  • You’ll receive my 30-minute video demo tutorial to show you how to use it
  • You’ll receive a one-pager summary of the main features of Airtable, for you to make the most of it.
  • You’ll be invited to receive my template updates.

It will only cost you a one-off £19 (how much is an hour or two of your time worth, if you have to set it up yourself?)

Access your Airtable and Google Doc template now

Start organising your Marketing efforts, become more accountable and increase your sense of control.

View the template 👇

Feel free to tap on the tabs, and to scroll down and to the side to view more.

Same data, different views.

A Grid view to record data on an excel type format (but better) with rich cells and dynamic column.

A Kanban view (Trello type) to track progress or view per category, with cards organised in columns.

A Calendar view for time sensitive tasks and planning.

For the people who like clean organised stuff, this is heaven! 

  • All in one place
  • Super easy to use
  • Dynamic records
  • Completely customisable
  • Switch from grid view to calendar view or trello-type view in a click

Start organising your Marketing efforts, become more accountable and increase your sense of control.

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