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Cecile Dhour

Cecile Dhour

Mindful Marketing Consultant

Helping others TO scalE their impact with digital marketing

After four years working in Marketing for an international NGO in London, the burning desire to put my skills and passion at the service of even more purpose-led organisations could no longer be ignored.

I am so awed by the number of community projects, tech-for-good startups, social entrepreneurs and purpose led organisations in London that I decided to join them in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Therefore, in June 2019 I became a full-time Mindful Marketing Consultant for the cause-driven and the change-makers, available for freelance and project-based contracts.

I believe that the best way to use Marketing is at the service of those who want to positively contribute to the world around them. Are you one of them? Keep reading.

Services to help you grow

Marketing Consultancy

I act here as your Marketing Accountability Partner. 

You have challenges & goals and you need someone to help you define your strategy to take you from where you are to where you dream to be.

I hold you accountable of the decisions we take together, acting as a sounding board and guiding you every stay of the way.

Project Management

I work with Marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams for specific projects which I coordinate and lead to successful completion.

From branding projects to website redesign and 360° communication campaigns, I enjoy joining teams and contribute to bringing impactful ideas to life for purposeful and mission-driven projects.

Marketing Campaigns 

From acquisition to engagement and conversion campaigns; from creative concept to strategy and implementation, we create powerful and impactful digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns are a great way to deliver a consistent message while conducting purposeful and integrated actions for an optimised result. 


We asked Cecile to help us with overhauling our marketing and a new website. Cecile’s understanding of digital marketing and online presence is hugely impressive. She is creative and thoughtful in all aspects of the work that she undertakes and is consistently supportive and encouraging throughout each step. Working with her is an enlightening process and we don’t feel anyone could have done a better job for us. Her work ethic and her ability to see the bigger picture as well as all the small details have been so appreciated by us and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Rebecca Barnet

Marketing and Event Coordinator, ORT House Conference Centre

In the news / online

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“Minful Marketing: Finding a voice”, The story behind my crowdfunding campaign. By Crowdfunder and NatWest Back Her Business programme.

“Our Wonderful New Website”, a spontaneous blog post about my work by a client. By ORT House Conference Centre

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