DIGITAL Marketing Consultant

I help the change makers to translate their purpose-driven mission into an integrated Marketing strategy which resonates with their audience so they can find their voice online and scale their impact.

Reach more people with mindful marketing and increase your positive impact on the world.

Digital Marketing Strategy

After a market research and an analysis of the competitive market, based on your goals, your mission and your identity, we provide you with a mindful and impactful Marketing plan for your business.

Then, you decide if you wish to implement it yourself or if you need to externalise.

Website design and SEO

Often we think we need to drive more traffic to our website in order to be more successful. But what if the visitors we get don’t engage with our content and don’t understand what we offer? I help you build a website which does justice to your brand and services while engaging your visitors and optimising your ranking through SEO.

Lead Generation funnels

We study your client’s journey to optimise each steps of the funnel. We apply the principles of Inbound Marketing using tactics from paid media campaigns to emailing automation and content creation. Every step of the way, my focus will be in revealing your purpose in order to create a meaningful strategy for you and your prospects.

Thanks Cecile, you are very motivating! I feel ready to go for the next step and it seems much easier and less daunting with the guidance.  Amy Rebecca Jane

Yoga teacher

Want to optimise your online presence so you can scale your impact?

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