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When I started working with Ilai Szpiezak, UPSTAGE’s founder and CEO, he was not at running his first company.

Ilai is a very passionate businessman and has a lot of ambition. He came to me with a clear objective: Attracting more high-profile corporate clients.


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Using content marketing to change your brand’s positioning, attract new type of clients and build a strong online community


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Ilai had been an entrepreneur for several years already and had founded UPSTAGE less than two years before we started working together. UPSTAGE was already a successful company but Ilai had more ambitions for his career: he wanted to attract more high-profile corporate clients so he could scale up and develop larger creative projects.

Introduction – We started with an online audit where I observed his positioning and compared it to his main competitors. From a messaging point of view, how could we close the gap between Ilai’s goal to attract high-profile corporate clients and the current situation?

Strategy – We then precisely defined the main four themes we wanted to position UPSTAGE on and from there we developed a content marketing strategy on different platforms and channels. The strategy involved building a strong LinkedIn presence and creating a Medium profile as well as creating proximity with his community through regular behind the scene content on Instagram and Facebook stories.

Implementation – From writing pilar articles to producing a personal branding video and conversational social media posts, I am guiding UPSTAGE in sharing a message which attracts, nurtures and converts prospects into clients.

BONUS: Our work also involved an SEO workshop to optimise UPSTAGE’s website ranking. From improving internal page linking to titles & writing meta-descriptions, we looked into the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

I can highly recommend Cecile for any project, big or small, that may need help, advice and expertise in terms of Marketing. She is fast at adapting to the market in which the client works, suggests and is always open to help in anything required to achieve the desired objective. She has extensive knowledge in various marketing forms and platforms and I look forward to keeping her work in our company in the future.
Ilai Szpiezak

Founder, UPSTAGE Creative Ltd.

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