As an entrepreneur and marketer, one of the most difficult things about promoting my business (or my clients’ businesses) used to be organising my workload and staying motivated. And being disorganised is usually demotivating… such a vicious circle!

I was reading lots of things online, saving notes from my research on word docs, downloading calendar templates on excel… and yet, each day, I felt I was re-inventing the wheel and ir was exhausting. I needed something to help me make a plan and stick to it.

Each day I felt I didn’t know what I should do next and most of my marketing initiatives were mostly ad hoc.

I really struggled, for a long time, to organise my thoughts, my research and my strategy. My mind was cluttered, my thoughts were messy. 

I always felt that I wasn’t doing enough because I didn’t have a clear view of what was done (that’s the thing when you do the things ad hoc). I would procrastinate a lot and, last but not least (!) I would struggle to report on the performance of my efforts…

I needed something to gather my marketing efforts together. A place where I could easily refer to my research, my strategy, my content calendar and everything that was done, in progress or planned.

I was tired of all these word docs, excel spreadsheets, power points and to do lists. How can you get the global picture of your project without a project management type tool? 

And that’s not it, I also found that all these docs saved on my Google Drive, weren’t the most efficient way to work collaboratively with my clients. I needed a platform where we could both contribute, view what was going on, track progress on tasks, and easily invite collaborators.

The thing is, lots of project management tools are expensive… or incomplete (I used to be a fan of Trello but that definitely wasn’t enough).

And this is when I discovered Airtable.

A free tool to help you manage your marketing

At first glance, Airtable ‘looks like’ Excel. It’s made of row and data. Except that it’s nothing like excel.

Airtable has rich cells; converts your data to different views like calendar view (great for your content calendar) or kanban view (amazing to track progress); is freemium; doesn’t need any technical knowledge (no coding required) and so much more.

I am currently using  Airtable, which you can customise as you wish (I use it for marketing but I have seen templates for product development, event management, CRM, etc.), for:

  • Docs listing (where I save the Google docs and slides which Airtable can’t replace).
  • Tracker and to do lists
  • Keyword research
  • Persona
  • Onpage optimisation
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Campaign calendar
  • Content calendar
  • KPIs and reporting

There is nothing better than a quick video to show you the power of Airtable and how you can use it to promote your own business. Watch it now 👇or download my template here